WHy cleanse?


A juice cleanse is a short term, fresh, raw, all liquid diet that is used to achieve health goals.

You might have heard the term “juice fast”—we don’t really like it. A fast implies you’re starving your body, which shouldn't ever be the goal. This is about self love.  Starving your body stresses it even further and there's no love in that!

Cleansing is all about taking clean eating to the next level, giving your digestive system a break while helping reduce your intake of unhealthy, fatty and processed foods.

Cleansing is a strategy we use to help rid the body of toxins. We use about 80% of our body’s energy to digest food. When we drink only  juice/ water/ herbal tea instead of eating food, our body is flooded with nutrients (about 3lbs of produce per juice) and is better able to harness energy to begin healing outstanding & underlying issues. . 

Cleansing enables your body to rebuild its digestive system in order to channel energy into a deep cleansing of toxins. By focusing on adding in optional nutrition, old toxic buildup is finally able to be released and eliminated. This will allow your body to become more balanced from the inside out, so that it can function more efficiently.

Cleansing will also help you jump start long-term lifestyle shifts and stick to them! This is where you will see continual improvements, results, and sustained weight management.

Q: What side effects should I expect?

A: You may experience some mild side effects.

Most people—especially first-timers—experience a detox reaction during a juice cleanse, others may sail through with no problems. For first-timers, it’s best not to schedule anything too big until you know how your body will react. Because your body is accustomed to using its energy to digest food, it’s actually a slight shock when its given the space to focus on itself, and start clearing out the toxic clutter. (Its like boredom during the first year of retirement.) Side effects may include fatigue, dizziness, short bouts of nausea, increased (or decreased) bowel movements, and mild headaches. (These headaches persist more for those who consume caffeine regularly. We suggest weaning from caffeine leading up to the cleanse as much as possible.) Because detoxification is at its peak during the first 48 hours, side effects may be more intense during this time. The positive, refreshing results will soon follow and are well worth the early challenges. 

Q: How to I prepare for my cleanse? 

A:  Minimize dairy, caffeine, wheat, refined sugar, nicotine, and alcohol.

One to three days out, start minimizing these foods. Doing so will maximize detoxification and minimize any possible side effects. The length of preparation largely depends on the frequency with which you consume these substances. Start seeing these choices as little "I love yous" to your body. Plan to do your cleanse in a supportive environment. For some, this can mean waiting until the weekend, while others may clear their schedule of big plans. Make sure that your physical surroundings are as relaxing as possible. Stressful demands will not serve you well during your juice detox. Create an environment that allows you to feel as nurtured and loved as possible. Cleansing with loved ones or coworkers is highly beneficial for motivation and can help you avoid feeling like you are missing out on things like social events or dinners, for example.


Q: I’m really hungry! Can I eat?

A: Eating minimizes detoxification, so if you need to eat, stick to the recommended ones below.

We do not recommend eating solid food during the cleanse, but we know the struggle is real. If you need to eat, the lighter the better. This is because when your body spends energy digesting food, the detox process is slowed. Celery, cucumber, apples, bananas, avocados, carrots, chia seeds, or almonds soaked in water are all great options. We also recommend blending your juice with a frozen banana or soaked almonds. This adds substance to your juice and will fill your stomach. 

Q: What if I’m tired? Can I drink coffee?

A: We recommend going for yerba mate or green tea instead. 

It is 100% normal and healthy to feel tired while cleansing. Your body is working hard to cleanse itself while it doesn’t have to deal with toxins. A bit of lethargy is totally natural, but drinking coffee is not the answer! Caffeine stimulates the liver, which is completely counterproductive. If you need a boost of energy, opt for fresh yerba mate or green tea! Both provide a productive pick-me-up.

Q: Can I work out? 

A: Just like food, the lighter the better!

The detoxification process itself is a workout for your body, so stick to light exercise. Yoga, Pilates, jogging, and walking etc. are all great options. If you plan on working out, save a sweeter juice to drink afterwards. These juices will best replenish your glycogen stores and help minimize that post-work feeling. Consider taking the cleanse days as an opportunity to practice a slowed down version of your regular exercise, and allow your body to do the work out from the inside.

Q: Should I consult my physician before a juice cleanse?

A: Yes Especially if you have a medical condition.

While juice cleanses have universal benefits, not everybody is created exactly the same. Please consult your physician before ordering your cleanse, especially if you are currently taking any prescription drugs or have medical conditions. If you are currently pregnant or nursing, we recommend waiting to cleanse!










The Result

+ renewed energy

+ kickstart healthy lifestyle changes

+ more balanced moods

+ detoxification

+ immunity boost

+ improved sleep

+ radiant skin

+ better digestion

1 girl. 6 wheels & a dream.

 Hey y'all, I'm Rachel Willis, the owner of The Ripe Juicery. 

I've been making juices and smoothies for 20 years for my friends and family, and I have always been passionate about natural living and clean eating. I believe that what we eat, and what we think, affects our well being more than just about anything.

Eat good + think positive = feel great.

In 2016, I found myself increasingly frustrated by the lack of healthy convenient food.  It seemed as if everyone I talked to  wished that they could eat better and be more healthy, but life is busy, and making good food  choices isn't always easy. I had the idea that local folks would  benefit from a mobile juice bar as a fast food option. After an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign,..The Ripe Juicery was born. 

 Our mission is simple: make it easy and delicious to do something healthy. 

We only use 100% natural ingredients to make our juices, smoothies, and bowls. All of our bases are fresh and made in house, and we use organic and non- GMO produce whenever possible.  We strongly support local farmers, and will choose Georgia grown first. We use environmentally sustainable packaging and practices because we believe that the way we do business affects our local community and the planet as a whole.

We want The Ripe Juicery to leave each customer, the community, and the Earth a little better because we were here. We are passionate about eating clean, being positive, and doing some good  - one cup at a time. 


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You can find Honey the truck at her regular location across from Adams Park, and also at local food truck events around Metro Atlanta. Honey is available for private parties, school events, corporate office parks, weddings, festivals, and custom events!


2744 Watts Drive NW

Kennesaw, GA 30144



it all started when


At the end of 2015, I found myself in Hawaii packing up my dad’s belongings and handling his last affairs. Three years prior, when he was 58,  he was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), When he got that diagnosis he was 20 years older than I was as I packed those boxes.  My dad was an adventurer and a risk taker. Nothing made him more proud than proving naysayers wrong when he had an idea, He lived a big full life that I had the chance to see evidence of as I went through boxes of photos and memories.

It made me stop and think: what if I knew I only had 20 more years? What evidence of adventures would I have packed away in boxes? What are the photos I want my son to look at and smile knowing that his mom had lived a big full life? What wild risks will I want to be remembered for taking?

I started 2016 with a heart and a mind that was open for what life had in store for me. I looked deep inside and started to see the things that make me – me. I set my intention on using all the talents, strengths, and interests that are uniquely mine - together to do SOMETHING. I just didn’t know what. But I trusted that it would come to me if I just opened myself to it.

In that space of trusting, The Ripe Juicery came to me like a light bulb and a flash. A mobile juice bar. It made my heart and my head full of excitement. It all made sense - my passion for healthy eating and an organic lifestyle, my love of meeting people and making them feel good, my ability to talk to strangers, my crush on food trucks, my desire to put my energy into promoting something positive in the world, my support of local farming, my obsession with my Vitamix...

I knew I could somehow make all these bubbling thoughts into reality. I just didn’t know how. I decided to throw the idea out there and see how people felt about it in the form of a Kickstarter campaign. I figured if it was a good idea then people would get behind it.

In 45 days, 75 people gave over $13,000 to see The Ripe Juicery grow into a reality. In those 45 days - it was incredibly humbling to experience the gratitude I had for the people who believed in me. Their support propped me up when I felt like the mountain of starting a business was too big to climb. When self doubt would flood my mind, it was knowing that so many people had confidence in me that often made me have no choice but to have confidence in myself. 

So when people ask "why" and "how" this all came to be, I know now what the answer is.

My dad’s passing was my why, and the love and support of so many was definitely my how.

It was because of:

Patricia, Imran, Jamie, Dustin, Mimi, Reagan, Callie, Shannon, Jenna, Tracy, Karen, Haley, Lane, Julie, Joe, Kendra, Aaron, Belinda, Jen, Amy, Patti, Katie, Ashley, Amy, Rebecca, Brooke, Lon, Jason, Colleen, Josh, Ellen, David, Hannah, Dawn, Chad, Ken, Bianca, Shari, Tyler, John, Brandon, Shay, Megan, Bruce, Barbara, Gina, Courtney, Porter, Peggy, Brenda, Joseph, Tony, Eric, Steffani, Davis, Pam, Leslie, James, Jennifer, Will, Ritchie, Britney, Tommy, Katie, Rusty, Susan, Ashlea, Julia, Jessica, Shay, Charity, Katrina, the Wester's, Harlequin, Laura 

A very special thanks to:

Ryan at Custom Packaging & Products

Matt & Katie at High Stakes Digital

Michael and the guys at Marietta Auto Trim

Patrick and his crew at Greer Automotive Services

Bryan Jordan at The SuperGroup

Patricia Hill and everyone at The Patricia Hill Color Studio

Dr's Bill & Kay Willis, who have generously given this dream an address. 

My sister Mimi Hines for her amazing design of the truck and logos. I am so lucky to have this artist in my corner!

Tracy for all her blood sweat and tears.

My Mom and Dad for raising a headstrong little truck-loving-veggie-eater who has the guts to bet on herself.

Last but not least -

Its hard to put into words how thankful I am for all the help, love, and support my husband, Jason, has given during this process.

Thank you, everyone, I simply couldn't have done this without all of you.



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